Newly Acquired at ILNA 9.12.2015


Half Shekel of Tyre (BU State)

We just picked up this beauty at the ILNA show a couple weeks ago. Its the proverbial “Temple Tax” coin and it is very near perfect in luster and strike. Here’s a little about the shekel’s history from NGC:

“In addition to the shekel, Tyre also struck half-shekels, which may have been issued principally to pay the annual tax at the Temple in Jerusalem. While half the size of the shekel, this coin retains the same design elements and dating system as its larger counterpart. This coin shown here is typical of the series as a whole. It features the Melkart/eagle combination, and the Greek letters (“AN”) above the club in the left reverse field, indicating it was struck during civic year 51, which equates to 76/5 BC.”


New Stock: Brilliant Silver Yen

Acquired 4.10.2015

1904MeijiYen 1904YenBack

1904 Meiji Silver Yen

These are possibly some of the most historic coins in Japan’s cultural history. They were minted during the Meiji Restoration, a time where Japan was trying to find itself in an Industrialized world. The Tokugawa Shogunate was officially ended in 1867 after a series of bloody civil wars sparked in part by the arrival of Commodore Perry. An emperor was installed, Mutsuhito, and Japan made conscious effort to catch up with the Western world. Consequently, these coins were minted to be used in trade.

It is incredibly rare to find Meiji Yen uncleaned and in pristine condition. This was primarily due to the fact that these coins were heavily circulated and later melted post-WWII during the American occupation. There is a shortage of genuine brilliant uncirculated Yen out there in 2015 as a result….but we managed to find a couple.

These will be up for sale in June, after they are added to inventory!


Next Show: Itasca 5.17.2015

Our next show will be this Sunday. We will have our “Grand Opening” in June!


SUNDAY MAY 17th 9am – 3pm

860 West Irving Park Road
(I-290 & Route 53)
Itasca, Illinois


We Have A New Edition to Our Stock…



We just acquired a beautiful XF “Tribute Penny” of Roman Emperor Tiberius. Its one of the most famous biblical coins still in existence!

Next show…

We will be at the Itasca Coin Show on April 19th, 2015. Here’s a link for info:


Soft Opening

West Suburban Coin Show in Countryside, IL

Our first show is coming up!


West Suburban Coin Show

Local 150 Union Hall

6200 Joliet Road, Countryside, IL 60525

Admission is free. It’s from 9 am to 3 pm.

Stop by our booth!